Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip to Sacramento

Sometime around June or July Erin called me to tell me that Southwest was having a huge discount on tickets and that I should bring Brooklyn out to visit her. I decided that I would do it as a birthday present to myself and go out over the weekend of my birthday. I am not sure how smart that was but I did have a good time. Mike would have liked to have been able to celebrate with us. Also, we found our new home and closed the week I was leaving. Mike ended up moving lots while I was gone. Also, after booking the tickets I found out that Ned would be at Mom and Dad's on our birthday. We were able to have a video chat that made up for not being at the celebration at Mom and Dad's. It all worked out and I had a good birthday. Camille Palfreyman Reed came over to Erin's for the celebration. It was really nice to see her.

I flew into Sacramento on Thursday night and stayed until the next Wednesday. It was Brooklyn's first time flying on an airplane. She did very well. Some people even commented that it was the best baby airplane experience they had ever had. There were some issues but we were able to survive them. First off just before I got on the plane my flip flop broke and I didn't have any other shoes with me. I had to hobble around with just one shoe and then bought some when I got to Erin's. Also, on the way back I decided to get some apple juice for Brooklyn. That was a mistake because it ended up all over our laps. Well, better luck next time. Thanks Erin for a fun week. Here are some pictures of the week.

We went to the Gourd Festival one of the first days, got Italian Ice drinks, and went on a tractor ride.

On Sunday I wanted a picture of all the girls in their pretty dresses.

Brianna and I played her new princess game and had fun dressing up and putting all the jewelry on.
Erin made a nice dinner for my birthday and baked me a cake. I was joking that I wanted chicken courd on blue but she made it anyways. It tasted really good.
One of the last days I was there we went to the Children's Museum. They have a lot of fun things to play with. You could play house, paint, dress up and many other things. I think that one of these days we will have to go up to Salt Lake and go to the Children's Museum at the Gateway.

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